"Geo Latex" Ltd. is an importer and distribution company for medical purposes.

 • The assortment line consists of about 400 products, including the main groups:

 • Condoms, leukoplasties, syringes and catheters, foot care products, disposable clothing and medical supplies (mask, shoe cover, etc.), orthopedic and ergonomic tables and chairs for  adults, etc.

 • The main principle of assortment formation is "the best and most reliable on the Georgian market."

 • Stable and guaranteed delivery of goods, timely response to customer and market demand, is a key factor in the stable development of the company. The chosen strategy is a reliable   partnership with suppliers, bringing new and innovative products to the Georgian    market, which is not yet widely represented. Getting to know their customers, introducing them and of       course selling them.

  • Today, our company has a stable partnership with leading companies in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, China and other countries.

  • A trusted partnership, offering a high quality standard, developing the right development strategy and customer-oriented, unmistakable vision, these are the reasons why our company has    become one of the largest distribution companies in the Georgian market.   "Geo Latex" Ltd has been a member of the Georgian Distributors Business Association since 2018.


  "Geo Latex" Ltd. has several advantages over competitors:

 • Since 1999 year;

 • Own vehicles;

 • Well-developed distribution network throughout Georgia;

 • Honest reputation and stable supplier status; The company has created all the conditions for employee development and self-realization.

 The development of the company and the achievement of new heights is their merit. Today, we can confidently say that "Geo Latex" Ltd. firmly occupies and maintains its place in the   Georgian pharmaceutical market. A stable financial situation, a close and sustainable relationship with suppliers and contractors, a growing network every month, raising the level of service   gives us the incentive to look to the future with hope. There are many similar distribution companies in the market, but we are firmly convinced that our company has a wide range of   products, guaranteed quality, guaranteed sales and your financial gain, our company has many advantages. It is enough to buy any product from our range once, and in the future you will   definitely become a customer of this assortment, because we offer the most favorable conditions.